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Organized by the Ministry of Culture, LIGHT YEARS is Eugenia Balcells’s most recent exhibition. It took place in Tabacalera Arts Promotion Space in Madrid in September 2012 and it is now ready to itinerate internationally.
LIGHT YEARS is made up of two installations, UNIVERSE and FREQUENCIES, accompanied by the film GLIMPSE OF THE UNIVERSE and the mural HOMAGE TO THE ELEMENTS.
The installation UNIVERSE was made by the artist in collaboration with the Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes at the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canaries and NASA, as shown in the film GLIMPSE OF THE UNIVERSE.
FREQUENCIES, like the mural HOMAGE TO THE ELEMENTS, was made with the support of the Departments of Fundamental Physics and Inorganic Chemistry of the University of Barcelona.
As a whole, the four pieces that make up the exhibition cover everything from images obtained by optical telescopes to the fleeting spectrums of primeval elements obtained in laboratories. It is a journey that raises some of the fundamental questions about the existence of matter and the emergence of life that have been puzzling humanity since ancient times. For this reason the exhibition also includes a SPACE FOR DOCUMENTATION AND ACTIVITIES, where people can follow the trail of some of the questions raised by the project.

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