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Eugenia Balcells

Eugènia Balcells

Eugènia Balcells was born in Barcelona, where she later received a Diploma in Technical Architecture. The daughter and granddaughter of architects and inventors, her daily contact with all kinds of instruments and devices related to vision, optics and mathematics started her off on an apprenticeship in the fragile balance between the material and the intangible, the illusory and the exact.

Eulalia Bosch

Eulàlia Bosch

Eulàlia Bosch (Barcelona 1949), is a lecturer in Philosophy, and a writer, curator and pioneer program designer bringing together education, urban life and the arts, as well as exploring the new forms of participation and cooperation offered by the new electronic media.

Ferran Balcells Canela

In 1972 he obtained the Architectural Degree by the University of Barcelona and started working in the Estudio de Arquitectos Balcells. In 1977 he moved to Rome with the purpose of professional improvement. There he completed his studies and collaborated professionally with Italian architects in an international architectural studio.

Judith Henry

Judith Henry (born 1942) is a New York based artist that creates multimedia art works exploring the duality of interior versus public self. Henry often repurposes documentary materials (such as newspapers, telephone books, and film reels) in poignant explorations of identity.

Clara Balcells

Clara Balcells
Production and design assistant

Currently working as production and design assistant in Eugènia Balcells Studio.
Cultural management: from 1989 to 1992 for the Olimpíada Cultural…

Chiara Curti
Director of Barcelona Delegation

Chiara Curti (Milano, 1972) is an Architect from the Milan Polytechnic and a researcher in Art History on the process of artistic creation. She has been a curator of art and architecture exhibitions working in Europe and the American continent.