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Chiara Curti – Biography

Chiara Curti

Chiara Curti (Milano, 1972) is an Architect from the Politecnico de Milano where she has worked as a researcher in the department of the DPA (Progettazione dell’architettura) in the field of museography.

She has given courses, seminars and conferences at different universities: Politecnico di Milano, Centro di Investigazione IED (Milà), Istituto Superiore Europeo di Design (Milan, Cagliari, Madrid and Barcelona), Universidad de la Laguna, Pontificia Universidad de Santiago de Chile (Chile) , Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (Chile), Texas AM University (United States), Pontificia Universitá della Santa Croce (Rome), Ceu San Pablo (Barcelona). She has promoted and coordinated seminars at the Politecnico de Milano with the collaboration of other universities, and specifically with: Texas AM University, Universidad de los Andes de Mérida and Instituto de arquitectura de Mosca MARcHI.

She has developed research work for institutions in the United States – the Avery Architectural and FineArts Library, at Columbia University, the Costume Institute NY and the Metropolitan Museum of Arts in New York – and in Canada – CCA photographic archive in Montreal. She has collaborated in the architecture magazines: Quaderni di architettura, Ananke and the book section for Domus magazine. She has published articles in the magazines Abitare, Area, Ottagono, Rassegna, Vogue. He has collaborated in different publications.

She has collaborated in architectural and art exhibitions, and has curated six major exhibitions: The realism of Gaudí and the hope of Europe inaugurated in 2008 at the European Parliament in Brussels, Iraq and Europe by the House of Lord in London in 2009, and Sagrada Familia Moved by Beauty for it. WYD Madrid 2011, Etsuro Sotoo, from the stone to the master by the Varese City Council in 2012, Antonio Gaudí_The days of Creation at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rio de Janeiro in 2013, Gaudí son of Maria for the Biomuseum of Panama in 2019.

Since 2020 he has been the Director of the Eugenia Balcells Foundation Delegation.